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TOPIC: OzCC 2017 30-9 to 1-10

OzCC 2017 30-9 to 1-10 1 year 5 months ago #1639

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Originally posted by Andrew Price:

Troop Report: Oz Comic Con Syndye 2017

Location: ICC (Darling Harbour)

Weather: No idea, i was literally inside the convention center all weekend, it looked sunny...

Date/ Time: 9am-6pm (saturday and Sunday)

SCG Troopers:
Name - Forum name - TKID#

Adam.S - Rex
Jester of Death - Scout
Mara jade - jawa
Rainbow Rin - TK
Rev - Scout
Mr V - TK
Craig225 - FO Tie Pilot
Filer Fett - Boba Fett
Kurk - Boba Fett
Aston Martin Hall - TK Commander / Death Trooper
Old Trooper - Sandy / vader
Fiona - Officer
Skittles - TK
Jafo - FO TK
Rhino - Sandy
Tappa - Vader
Christoper Cunningham - TK
Amy Armriding - Tie Pilot
Tony Armriding - Scout
MagicAzza - Royal Guard
Sgt Hatred - TK
Felix - Officer
Zoomi - Bazine Natal
Alick - TK
Jason Kurzydlo - Reserve Tie/ Crewman / MVP
Sair - Kashyyykie
Darren - Shoretrooper
JakeV - Gammorean Guard

Rebel Legion
Sarah1968 - Chewie
Andylah - Rebel Pilot / Fleet Trooper
Joshua King - Fleet Trooper
Jamie - Jedi
starwarrior - Luke Skywalker
Teddy - Jedi
Luke Goura - Jedi
Shanti - Ewok
Kiera - Ewok (GA)
Ava/ Audrey - Rey/Jyn (GA)
Max - Jedi

Wranglers / Table Duty:
The Green Duchess - X-Wing Pilot
Paul Hempsell
Tim Cubis

Lady Filer - MaraJade
Shan - Mando
Cameron Smith - Mando
Danny - Mando
unknown - mando pilot
unknown - mando
Asha - Ashoka
Sarah - Ashoka
Mack - Iron Man
Jake - Spiderman
Jeddz - TK

(if I have missed anyone it is not intentional...)

Mission Report:
Bump in Team arrived at lunch time and located the space and was reasonably happy with what we had, the change space was small as we anticipated but we were positioned in the back so imagined the space behind us could work....

We unpacked the black series toy box and then Jake magically arrived, and having answered "yes" to working with vinyl, propmptly took charge and laid the sticker down... it looked amazing....

Given poodoo traffic the Newie Bus and the Bargo Transporter arrived around 3 pm and we unpacked the Speeder bike and the surprise prop - The Profundity Tunnel... Next problem was parking their transporters, the closest open car park was a 30 minute walk away at the Fish Markets, so we waiting for Josh and Luke to return before starting the assembly of the Profundity.

Now having only seen it complete in photos, and in person in parts this thing was amazing, we were all in awe of how awesome it was and how lucky we were for Josh to build this wonderful prop....

Too many chiefs as usually, but we got everything squared away and were finished 6ish I think, we all managed to part ways with the core build team hitting up Hard Rock for some well earned beverages and food...

Day One of the con and the advanced recon team were onsite from 730 to start running around handing out passes.... (for the record I had done 9kms of running around by 10am...)
We had people in kit by 9am and the day was off to a good start, I was back at the stand for a few moments and everything was looking great, the fans loved it, the Toy Box was a hit and the Profundity was getting some love.

Around 11am I was finally table to swap out of regular cloths and get into my new Rebel Fleet Trooper kit and was able to pose with Joshua at the Profundity and its awesomeness was finally sinking in.... "TAKE IT" was heard repeatedly as people posed with us and the Death Star Plans....
Group photo at the X-Wing at 1130 was epic... we kept getting bigger, Disney were impressed.... They thought we had everyone and five more troopers would arrived, we ended up making the main page of Star Wars dot com as well as Oz Comic Con....

1pm I was finally able to hang out at the booth properly and see everything we had going on;
Chewbacca and Darth Vader were the main draw cards, as well as a constant line for the Speeder Bike, thanks to everyone who managed a line up, baby sat a character or prop or were kit.... we had a constant stream of people ALL weekend which was amazing....

As fast as the day and started it was over and we closed down for the night....
Those that had stuck around to the end were ushered over the way to a rapidly organised (by the Black Tower Squad) Team Dinner, which again was well attended and welcomed! For the Record Brigette ate the whole rack, and I failed... i am disappointed in myself....

Day Two kicked off (damn you daylight savings for making 7am feel like 6am) again with early morning trips by a lot of us to the X-Wing (Which was FREAKING AWESOME)
Again we kicked off at 9am and had people in kit, with less troopers in attendance today we still managed to fill all the props and enjoy the con!

the 1130am group photo was taken early, as some one sent the bulk of troopers over early and Disney thought we had everyone so took the photo; apologies to those that missed out...

Come 3pm, Myself, Josh and Cam headed to the Community Stage and held our panel, the first for me but the second for the year and we did well... We got a lot of great feed back that we will leverage to make these better, possibly even a series to get us some more troopers in the long run... thanks to everyone that took the stage with us and let us talk to you. Was nice to have a couple of different costumers there to show what we do!

At this stage I was exhausted and was really just waiting to shut down for the weekend, thankfully the troopers kept on trooping and we managed to have people in kit right up until close at 6pm...

The bump out team managed to pull down everything as needed and send off those that had long trips home, thanks to Luke again for driving back the speeder bike as well as the remainder of the newie crew! We packed up the Profundity and sent it on off on its way back to bargo; and Team Shire made the trek back with the toy box and all fo the stuff... How do I always manage to have more gear than I started with....

Mission Status:
I walked 61kms over the three days between setup and close so am exhausted, the extra day off was welcomed....

I was honored to be a part of something so special, and we did an amazing job as we always do.

Thanks to everyone that trooped, wrangled, table dutied, photographed, flew the X-Wing, stole the Death Star Plans and just hung out!

Special shout out has to go to Josh for the epicness that was the Profundity, i still want one... it was amazing and a real hit with the public! we need more Fleet Officer Trooper Guys!!!!
Epic concept Sair, and seeing Josh's execution during the build and its final form was amazing.

photo from tiggs.

and yes the rumor was true, the one Leia that appeared did make me cry when I handed her the plans...

The build team for the Black Series box as well, needs to get some live, Linc, Rin, Brigette, Shaun, Sarah, Jake for the stickering and Kurk for making the decals happen... but without Brigette's Dad, Craig actually throwing it together we wouldn't have had it on the day... it was a whole bunch of fun!!! and it was constantly being used!

Thanks also Luke for bringing down the speeder bike, and the banners that was well received by the crowds all weekend again!

thank you all for just being you and making this a pleasure to have helped organise....

If I have left anyone off please comment and I will add them, its not intentional I promise!!!

Hopefully next year we can get more space, as well as a proper change space to really show what we can do!!!!

the Disney Staff that were onsite loved everything we did and how professional we were so thanks to everyone for that as well....

Photos by: if permission is not granted, say so... (for use by PR team)

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